Who are we?

EVENT-able is about World Events ( a show which is recurring and travelling around the world ).

EVENT-able is a live database of World Events since 2004, which are explored, analysed and classified in accordance with the show nature as Sport, Culture, Economy and Religion.

It is possible to apply filters on the Homepage to show which Events have been the most relevant in the sectors of Finance (PIl, Employment, Tourism), Environment (Energy, Transport, Waste), Social(Regeneration, Culture, Housing) and Legacy (Buildings, Temporary-Re- use, Green).

EVENT-able is built and supported by a Community of experts, professionals and students whose main focus is the relationship of the World Event with the Host City. Today a World Event can represent the only way for a city to plan and manage its future for 10 years ahead.

EVENT-able suggests a new methodology to look at how an Event can bring lasting benefits to the Host City. Valuable lessons are to be learnt from the past and from the experience of precedent events. EVENT-able is the link with the past and the experts’ community to support city managers to think, plan and manage a future Event since the early stages.

Event-able: info@event-able.org

PPAN - communication partner: info@ppan.it


future events

Expo - Beijing


COP 25 - Santiago de Chile


UEFA Euro - 12 Countries


Olympic Games - Tokyo


Expo - Dubai